Registrations & Memberships

Fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia - PSY0001406986 - Counselling Psychologist.

Full member of the Australian Psychological Society

Educational Qualifications

2002  Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis. QUT, Carseldine

1998 Bachelor of Social Science, Psychology, Honours IIA. QUT, Carseldine

1997 Bachelor of Social Science, Psychology, QUT, Carseldine

1978 Diploma of Education, Early Childhood. QUT, Kelvin Grove

Other Training

2019  The impact of Complex PTSD and Attachment Issues on Mental & Physical health: An EMDR therapy approach with Carol Forgash.

2019  EMDR & Ego States: Through the Internal Family Systems Model looking glass with Bruce Hersey

2018  Master Class: EMDR Toolbox: methods of treating Complex PTSD and dissociation with Dr Jim Knipe

2018  Level 1 Internal Family Systems Therapy - Center for Self Leadership Oak Park USA with Paul Gunter in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

2018  Acceptance & Commitment Therapy - Introductory Workshop with Russell Harris

2017  The Feeling-State Theory & Protocols for Behavioural & Substance Addictions with Robert Miller

Healing the Grieving Heart with Courtney Armstrong

2017  Introduction to Internal Family Systems and Deepening with Bonnie Weiss and Simon d'Orsogna

2016  Imagery Rescripting & Reprocessing Therapy with Nisha Dhani & Rob McAlpine

2016  2 Day Master Class EMDR UP CLOSE: Subtleties of EMDR Processing & 1 day Advanced Dyadic Resourcing with Dr Phillip Manfield

2016  Practical Interventions for adult and child ADHD with David Nowell

2016  The Contemporary face of substance and behavioural addictions: An integrated treatment guide for psychologist with Dr Matthew Berry

2016  Australian Psychological Society Practice Certificate in Sleep Psychology: Part 1 - Introduction to sleep psychology

2016  The Contemporary face of substance and behavioural addictions: An integrated treatment guide for psychologist with Dr Matthew Berry

2016  Masterclass: Adults and Older Adolescents with ASD Level 1 (Aspergers Syndrome) with Professor Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett

2015  Positive Psychology, ACT and Mindfulness Techniques for working with your most Challenging Clients with Dr Mitch Abblett

2015  The Richards Trauma Process with Judith Richards

2015  EMDR as a treatment for complex PTSD with Alexandra Richman

2015  Grief, Complicated Grief, Divorce, Breakup and other Losses: Best Practice techniques to assist your clients in recovering from loss and reinventing their lives with David Kessler.

2014  1st Summit of Complex Trauma, Dissociative Symptoms and EMDR Therapy with Sandra Paulsen, Carol Forgash, Jim Knipe & Uri Bergmann.

2014  Dissociation: A misunderstood obstacle to effective therapeutic results with Mary Sutton, Sydney, NSW.

EMDR Treatment of pain, Mark & Anna Grant, APS, Victoria

Working with adult survivors of complex trauma, ASCA.

APS Counselling Psychology Conference, Melbourne, Victoria

2013  The Challenge of caring: Counselling for grief, loss and life threatening illness with Professor Dale Larson

Advanced Assessment & Treatment of Dual Diagnosis Disorders with Dr Katie Richard

2012  Bipolar Spectrum: Bringing Evidence to Practice.  The best integrated treatment and assessment tools with Leslie Pederson Lundt.

2012  Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing - Level 2 with Graham Taylor

2012  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: New and Traditional Treatments with Professor Roger Dooley

2012  Frontiers of Trauma Treatment with Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk

2012  Motivational Interviewing with Stan Steindl 

2011  Suicide Prevention with Australian Psychological Society

2011 New Ways of Working Psychologically with Voice Hearing with Dr Rufus May

2011  EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing - Level 1 with  Christopher Lee

2011 New Directions in Trauma Mindfulness with Dr John Briere

2011 Trauma-focussed therapy workshop with Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

2010  The practice of sex therapy with Dr Sandra Pertot

2010  Grief, loss and the quest for meaning with Dr Robert Neimeyer

2010  Collaborative skills for relationship counselling with Dr Roger Lowe

2010  Understanding & effectively responding to clients with borderline, antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders with Dr James Ogloff.

2010  Healing Broken Bonds. Traumatic Attachment & Affect Dysregulation with Dr Janina Fisher.

2009  21st Century Approaches to Grief Counselling & Therapy AND Traumatic Loss, Bereavement after sudden unexpected & violent death with Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement.

2009  Using Exposure-Based Interventions with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy with John P Forsyth.

2009  Understanding Mood Disorders with Jane Sleeman.

2009  A Primer in Psychopathology:  Assessment & diagnosis in an era of Accountability with Associate Professor Robert Schweitzer.

2008  8th International Conference on Grief & Bereavement in Contemporary Society with the Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement.

2008  Reconsidering Trauma: Treatment advances, relational issues & Mindfulness in Integrated Trauma Therapy with Associate Professor John Briere.

2007  Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder & Dissociation with Associate Professor Christine Courtois.

2006  Brief Treatment of the Anxiety Disorders with R Reid Wilson.

2006  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder with Christopher Lee & Lisa Jorgensen.

2002  Foundations for working with men & children who were sexually assaulted as children with the Education Centre against violence.

2002  Trauma & PTSD - Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Patients with difficult problems with Charles Figley.

2001  Co morbidity of Anxiety & Depression with Michael Yapko.

1999  Making Kinections:  Counselling skills for the helping professions with Kinections.

1999  Winter School in Bereavement Counselling with the Bereavement Care Centre, NSW.

1999  Suicide Intervention Workshop - Living Works with Lifeline Australia. 

1998  General Counselling Course with The Bereavement Care Centre, NSW.

1996  Basic Level, Second Level and Train the trainer - Conflict Resolution Workshop Programs in Correctional Centres with The Alternatives to Violence Project, Qld.

1995  Couple Counsellor Course with Relationships Australia, Brisbane.